Model Vegan???

Forgive me if it sounds like bragging, but I just had to gush about the compliment my latest nutritionist gave me! Meeting with her yesterday at the (bleck!) doctor’s office, she claimed she would use me as an example, because I was “one of her best vegan clients… A model vegan”!!!

I was souped to hear this from her, because not only did I get (and still get) a lot of crap from my friends, family, and even other medical professionals about going vegan, but I am also perfectionistic and wondering if I’m really following the best plan I can. Granted of course I’m not perfect, and everything is always a work in progress, but I am at least really, really glad to hear that a nutrition professional claims I am doing a really good job, especially with the daunting task of not only following a healthful vegan diet but following any healthful diet at all and eating regularly to fuel my body and maintain a steady, healthy metabolic balance within. It’s honestly really, really nice to get that encouragement… And also maybe because I can say “I told you so!” to all the nonbelievers! 😉

Cheesy as it may be, I want to thank those around me who have made it possible for me to get to this point in recovery (you know who you are!), and I also want to thank that little part in me that rebelled against the eating disorder and helped me move off a path of daily self-destruction. I may not have found peace with my body yet, but I can at least acknowledge that self-starvation will not get me to where I want to be (i.e. alive and happy in college vs. dead in a hospital cot). And for an added boost, I plan on reading this book by one of my all-time heroines, the beautiful Crystal Renn (You tell me in which shot she looks better, 5’9″ 98 pounds, or a normal, healthy size 12!):

Now, on to some vegan munchies (model or not, you decide, I guess! I’m not confident or vain enough to say they are!):

Organic corn chips, Boca crumbles, rice "cheese", topped with yummy Newman's own organic salsa

Yet another outlet for my salsa obsession: vegan taco salad! Organic corn chips, Boca crumbles, fresh lettuce, over a whole wheat tortilla

Brown rice topped with curried tofu, cauliflower, broccoli, and green peas

Italian vegan mania! Spinach gnocchi (a rich potato-based pasta and fear food!) in a broccoli broth

I may or may not have raved about these before: the protein-PACKED, delicious Field Roast vegan sausages

Now for some vegan snacks

My equivalent of Popeye's spinach: soy-free vegan protein for big MuScLeS!

Protein shake + sunflower seeds = ultimate post-workout snack!

Dessert challenges? They are made magically easier by dairy-free treats from Newman’s Own organics! Check out these scrumptious treats:

Great with some Yogi tea ❤

Thank you, Paul Newman! Dairy-free fig newtons!

Thanks for dropping in, guys! And, just as a last wise note from my beloved Yogi teas:

“We are physical beings having a spiritual experience.”

“The purpose of life is to enjoy every moment.”




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Sweet Thangs

Hello, loves!

Sorry for the long gap, but I’ve been pretty busy and haven’t had much time for blogging  😦  That said, I did manage to take some pretty pictures!

I’ve been really distracted also because I’m leaving this February break for a 10-day trip to Israel! I am incredibly excited as I have never been to that part of the world and am eager to learn about this new and beautiful culture.

Though in the days before I’m scheduled to leave (this afternoon!), I’ve had some pretty sweet snacks…

Stare into that muffin vortex!

My mother was adorable and picked out some vegan muffins for me at Whole Foods from a local bakery (Zen Bakery, ahhh the cuteness!). Initially I was skeptical – I can’t remember the last time I had a muffin – but was pleased at the solid nutritional stats and the berry goodness of these lovely berry bran muffins. Best part? No sugar – just sweetened with dates, one of their teensy FIVE ingredients! Perfection with a glass of soymilk!

Blueberries and raspberries and cranberries, oh my!

And of course I enjoyed lots and lots of tea over the course of the last week or so. I have my green tea in the morning (hehe I’m such a dork!) and then graduate to other tea types (black, white, chai, etc.) later on in the day. I’ve already mentioned my infatuation with Yogi teas, but check out how cute my little tea tassel quotes are:

And to further satisfy my sweet tooth, I munched on these vegan lovelies that I found in the “health foods” section of Stop & Shop:

They had a really nice, airy taste and were almost suspiciously delicious… But yet again, no dairy, no butter, no eggs, no weird un-pronouncable ingredients, no high fructose anything, and (even though I know I’m not supposed to count calories) I was pretty impressed with the low calorie content. These were just too good with a cup of either vanilla chai or rosebud tea.

Yet, sweet things were not limited to my taste buds: a savalicious friend of mine warmed my heartstrings by buying me a little impromptu gift when she went out shopping at Staples. Perhaps I’ll use it in Israel? College next year?

Are any of them AHL-mundz?

On that note, Fresh Fantastic, OUT!



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Reflections on a Not-So-Lazy Sunday

Happy hump day, blogging beauties! I have a little time on my hands (hooray!) so I decided to update on happenings since a jam-packed Sunday! What did I do? Oh, boy…

1. Finished a whopping FOUR scholarships (applications and essays) before noon. I am proud of myself for not gouging my own eyes out!

2. Took a lunch break and enjoyed fresh bagels from a local bagel shop with Tofutti, organic baby carrots, and red grapes (Mmmmm!).

It was a bigger midday meal than I’m used to, and it kinda made me ED nervous, but I am trying hard not to listen! I knew I’d be cramming later so I wouldn’t have as much time to sit down and eat stuff, though I hope that’s not just an excuse to skimp later  😦

PS: Check out this HUGE bag of baby carrots! I put in a highlighter for perspective:

Baby carrots = ❤

3. Household chores, including putting away purchases from a very lucrative shopping trip with Father:

Got these flats for only $20... and I thought the boxes were cute too!

Ultra comfy and practical, these will be my go-to travel shoes!

4. HOT YOGA with my Savly friend. Fortunately I was able to sport my newly acquired yoga pants from the day before (2 for $20, we’re such shoppers, hahaha)! We noticed there is an extremely small pocket on them… any idea what on earth that could be for? Possible ideas so far are change, loose jewelry, or a safety pin.

Classic bloggie picture, yoga edition

It was a loooong day… not much of a relaxing break before Monday, but I’ve managed to cope  😉

I had me some detox tea to, well, detox before another school week. My favorite teas in this department are, hands down, Yogi brand!

Taste great, plus they're super pretty

“Healthy liver and kidney function”, woo hoo! Now that is a great start to one’s week.



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Salvaging my Sanity

Hello, lovelies!

If there was ever a time to blog to relieve stress, now is that time! I  am encountering some major anxiety issues about (you guessed it) school and the mysterious haze called the future. Not fun stuff to think about.

I’m currently in my second semester of my senior year, but I still cannot let go and am basically panicking about what my future might or might not hold. I don’t even know exactly what I want to do with my life, but I am really anxious about going out there and accomplishing it somehow somewhere some way.

I’m also just plain terrified about college admissions. I found this really useful site to predict my chances of getting into the schools I applied. Some stats were more promising than I expected, others a little less. I guess I just feel stupid having applied to some top-tier schools without really, in my mind, possessing the appropriate credentials. Mother suggests mindfulness, but I’m not sure. Boy, could I use a yoga class about now!

Right now I’m just trying to let go and try to accept that ultimately, I cannot control everything.

On a cheerier note, I plan to try to lift myself out of this funk. First up on my list: foodie pics!

Some lovely whole wheat pasta with delightful Kalamata olive paste and cherry tomatoes. Trust me on this, whole wheat or spinach is so much better than starchy white pasta, which is basically empty, unsatisfying calories!

Yes, I'm very Italian.

And a lovely salad of fresh lettuce, mushrooms, sprouts, and roasted soy nuts for protein (to keep me big and strong!) with a dash of organic balsamic vinegar for taste.

Gotta love those veggies 😉

And of course, when the going gets rough, the tough drink tea to get through it! I always have my morning green tea and choose different teas depending on how I’m feeling  😉

Like my pretty cup?

Tazo chai with a dash of soymilk for a study boost

Any tips on how to calm down the stress monsters? What do you do to combat stress? I’m thinking of taking it slow today (morning volunteer work canceled!) and then getting in some cardio before horseback riding to score some extra endorphins, plus I have hot yoga tomorrow  😉     Or maybe I’ll buy this insanely cool book?

Enjoy the weekend! Hopefully you will be stress-free.



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