Next Year’s Home!

I feel like I start off every blog post with an apology because I am SO BAD when it comes to posting regularly! My excuse this week is AP Exams, then senior prom plus an after-party until the wee hours of the morning ( 🙂 ), then three performances of our latest (and my last ever!) high school play. Quite bittersweet (except for the AP Exams- there will be no missing those!)

But I figured my first post in a few weeks (ack!) should concern my new home for the next four years of my life: Wellesley!

Yes, I have decided, and it was a very easy decision. Once we revisited the schools, Wellesley was the obvious choice. Not only is it academically excellent, but it has such a strong alumnae network . As one girl put it, “I like to think my future is basically all set because I’m going to Wellesley!” After all, Wellesley practically owns Washington 😉

But enough blabbing- see it for yourself:

So, obviously, it ain’t half bad looking, either 😉

I even snapped a photo of some of one of my meals, tofu tacos with onions and green peppers, with steamed veggies on the side:

Another great thing is that they always have an extensive salad bar set up, and every single dining hall has some sort of clearly marked vegan selection. Best of all, they have a sushi place (yeah avocado rolls!) and a Starbucks kiosk in the campus center 😉

I admit that when visiting I got nervous when it came to foodWhat am I going to do without the comfort of my own food? What will I do when I am continuously forced to relinquish some of the control I so obsessively crave? Any tips from some college girls out there???

Regardless, I am ridiculously excited! I even bought my Wellesley sweatshirt to make it official, and have been quite proudly sporting it about recently!




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